Riverfest in Farmington, New Mexico

Lee Bartley has been asked to open the festivities on Saturday, May 28th, 2016 with a solo performance beginning at 10:30am at the Riverfest Festival in Farmington, New Mexico.  Though the festival opens with a concert Friday night, all the vendors and artisans begin their part in the festival on Saturday.  Lee Bartley will be performing at the Rocky Reach Terrace which is easily accessed from either side of the festival site.  He will have all three of his solo piano CDs available for purchase and for autographs following his performance.  Please join him for a late morning, peaceful beginning to what should be a great Riverfest 2016!

Lee Bartley releases his 3rd solo piano CD!

CARRIED AWAYOn June 8th, 2014, Lee debuted “Carried Away” his third solo CD in Mountainair, New Mexico.  This CD consists of eleven compositions.  It embodies a new concept for Lee in that four of the compositions were written with lyrics.  Even though they are not sung by a vocalist on this recording,  the lyrics are printed in the CD case allowing listeners to follow along as the melodies are played, giving the audience a refreshing way to envision a song.

Listen to the tracks and purchase the CD directly from Lee here.

Mancos Valley Chorus spring concerts

I will again be accompanying the Mancos Chorus for their spring concert series. The concert week begins on May 4. 2014. On May 4th at 3:30 pm and May 9th at 7 pm the concerts will be at the United Methodist Church at 470 W. Grand Avenue in Mancos. On May 6th at 7 pm the concert will be at the United Methodist Church at 515 N. Park in Cortez. On May 7th at 7 pm the concert will be at Christ The King Lutheran Church at 495 Florida Road in Durango. All of the concerts are free to the public. Lots of music will be performed from the Lion King, music of Sammy Cahn, James Van Heusen, Johnny Mercer, Rogers and Hart and more. Please join us and especially bring children. More information at:

Whisperings All-Star Concert & Awards Ceremony


On January 26, 2014, at the Avenue of the Arts Hotel in Costa Mesa, California, I will be participating in a concert announcing the winner of the “Album of the Year” for the Whisperings Solo Piano Radio Network.  I received this award in 2010 for my solo CD, “A View From Above.”  The concert will consist, first, of past nominees and winners performing, followed by performances by the nominees for 2013.  Details and ticket information can be obtained by visiting: and the concert will be on Sunday, January 26th, at 3 pm.  I encourage all lovers of solo piano music to attend and enjoy the festivities.

Holiday Experience Concert at DazzleJazz in Denver, CO

On December 21st, 2013, I performed with Lisa Downing and Bob Baker, both from Denver, again at DazzleJazz. Both shows were to full houses and it was really nice to again perform in Denver’s premier live jazz club.  This concert was videotaped and you should soon find posts on You Tube of the individual songs chosen by the performers.  A highlight of this concert was welcoming a lifelong friend of mine, Don Graves, to the stage for one song where he played spoons and I played piano.  Don (Harmon Graves) is the author of two books: When I was Three, and, Passionate Landscape: The Painting Journeys of Buffalo Kaplinsky.  Also during this concert I featured three new compositions that will be a part of my upcoming third solo piano CD to be released hopefully by the summer of 2014.

SteamPlant Events Center Concert in Salida, CO

At little later in 2013 I performed in Salida, Colorado, with Lisa Downing, and Argentine pianist, Julio Mazziotti.  What a wonderful artisan community Salida, Colorado is now.  The performance was at the SteamPlant Events Center, and was well received by the entire audience. A bonus for me was that the concert was hosted by a good friend of mine, Jan Justis, an extremely talented dancer and choreographer.  In fact she created the Jan Justis Dance Company in Denver, which is how I met my life partner Nancy, one of the company’s original members.

House Concert at Lee Bartley’s in Mancos, CO.

mancos-house-concertMay of 2013 offered me a unique experience of hosting my first house concert here in Mancos, Colorado, at Nancy’s and my house.  Again it was sold out, and featured my good friend, award winning solo pianist Lisa Downing in concert with me.  Lisa and I have performed with Liz Story, Kathleen Ryan, Joseph Akins, and Julio Mazziotti, to name a few.  The experience was so wonderfully received that another concert with Kathleen Ryan and myself is in the planning stages for the early summer of 2014 at our house.


Benefit Concert for Durango Arts Center Theater Dept.

In February of 2013 I accompanied the renowned cabaret singer, Gillian Kelly, along with bassist Chad MacCluskey.  The performance over two nights was a fundraiser for the Durango Arts Center Theater Department.  Both nights were sold out shows.  Her program entitled, “From Pops to Classics,” was a true challenge of classical repertoire showing  classical themes that have gone on to become themes used in both pop music and jazz.

Solo Piano House Concert

Lee Bartley continues to solo piano concerts as often as possible around the country. Last year he performed with 3 additional pianists in Duluth, Georgia. During the performance a solo pianist stopped by from Spring Hill, Tennessee.
His name is Philip Wesley. Lee did not know him, but the other three perfrormers (all from the southeast) knew him and invited him to play a few songs in their concert. Immediately Lee decided he would find a way to perform with Philip. Now it has finally happened. Lee will be traveling to Nashville (Spring Hill) to perform with Philip in a wonderfully intimate house concert at Philip’s home. For information on the concert please visit the “performances” section of Lee’s website. Lee will then travel to Birmingham for another concert the next night (8-27-11) with Joseph Akins and Walter Knapp. For information click on the blue arrow next to the date on Lee’s calendar.  Philip’s address is:   2948 Buckner Lane, Spring Hill, TN, 37174.

Solo Piano Concert In Birmingham, AL

Solo Piano Concert with Joseph Akins and special guest Walter Knapp. The concert will be at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Birmingham, 4300 Hampton Heights Drive at 7:30pm on August 27th. The music will include classical, duets, classical art songs, and new age from three remarkable artists. Please join us.