Solo Piano House Concert

Lee Bartley continues to solo piano concerts as often as possible around the country. Last year he performed with 3 additional pianists in Duluth, Georgia. During the performance a solo pianist stopped by from Spring Hill, Tennessee.
His name is Philip Wesley. Lee did not know him, but the other three perfrormers (all from the southeast) knew him and invited him to play a few songs in their concert. Immediately Lee decided he would find a way to perform with Philip. Now it has finally happened. Lee will be traveling to Nashville (Spring Hill) to perform with Philip in a wonderfully intimate house concert at Philip’s home. For information on the concert please visit the “performances” section of Lee’s website. Lee will then travel to Birmingham for another concert the next night (8-27-11) with Joseph Akins and Walter Knapp. For information click on the blue arrow next to the date on Lee’s calendar.  Philip’s address is:   2948 Buckner Lane, Spring Hill, TN, 37174.

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