Images Reunion Concerts

Well, it is official – an historic and long awaited reunion concert of the IMAGES band that I helped found, recorded with, and toured nationally with “back in the day” we shall say! The original IMAGES quartet: Myself – piano, Joe Anderies – saxophone and flute, Rich Sallee – bass, and Dave Small – drum set – will be coming together for 4 concert sets at Denver’s great jazz venue Dazzle. So mark your calendar and don’t wait too long to get tickets for one of these shows if you are interested. I would guess that they will all sell out by the time of the event. Hope to have a wonderful reunion with all of our past and present friends and fans! Here are the details, a promo photo, and a direct link to Dazzle’s website and the page to do advance online ticketed reservations.

Best wishes, hope to keep in touch!

Lee Bartley

IMAGES Reunion Concerts
Dazzle – 930 Lincoln St.
Denver, CO         303-839-5100
Saturday, June 4t
h – shows at 7 pm and 9 pm
Sunday, June 5th – shows at 6 pm and 8 pm

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