Lee Bartley and Images to perform in Cortez, Colorado

Images, the band Lee Bartley co-founded with Rich Sallee, will perform a rare concert in southwest Colorado at the auditorium of Montezuma/Cortez High School.  They recently sold out several concerts in Denver in 2011 and April of 2017.  The band will consist of 2 saxophone/flute players, drums, guitar, bass, and piano.  it will be all original music composed by members of the band, and mostly songs by Lee Bartley written for the band during their 16 years in Denver.  The concert is the second concert in the SouthWest Colorado Concert Series for 2017-18.  Since it is the “locals concert” for the season, all tickets will be offered at $10 each.  It will be on November 19th (Sunday) at 3pm.

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